1. You and the BPIR

    October 24, 2008 by admin

    Everyone that’s in business wants two things: more business and less work.
    Read that last line again and see if you spot the delicious pun, then think about it. Then think about where you fit into your company. Are you the owner? The bean counter? The junior executive assistance regional vice-manager? Regardless of how you fit into the grand scheme of things you have control over making your job easier and improving your company’s performance. Wait, wait wait. I have control? you ask. Ha! Do you know how many meetings and layers of management I have to go through to get anything done round here? Or alternatively, my job is to improve this company, and I’m pretty good at it thank you very much. See our last quarter results? That was me baby. I bought in a team of consultants. We had five strategy meetings a week. I got the results. Sorry, what was that? How did we do it? Well the consultants told me to implement a model. Which one? It’s a cutting edge one. How do I know it’s the right one? Look at the results! And the consultants are onboard for another two years to make it work. I’m not worried about the details, I’m paid to get results.

    Knowing what to do is two thirds the challenge, knowing how to do it is a whole other mountain. No matter where you are in the business world, if you know about the various ways to monitor and improve business processes then your job becomes that much easier and you’re that much more valuable. Being able to translate that knowledge to the real world means you can not only talk the talk, but walk the walk as well. And this ladies and gentlemen, is our segway into the BPIR. The BPIR (Business Performance Improvement Resource) is an information and networking resource that provides a complete library of benchmarking, business excellence (aka Total Quality Management), best practice and general performance improvement info. And we’re not talking disconnected theory that just sounds impressive. We research how these theories and models have worked in the real world and then include the results, the problems and the lessons as case studies so you can see how the ideas stack up in the real world. We’re staffed by some pretty amazing individuals who know what its like at the coal face, and we have issued over 10,000 passwords to BPIR to users in every level of every kind of business. Combine the information resources with the networking tools in place (and some very exciting ones opening up in the next few weeks) and you have a pretty amazing resource to help you do business better.
    This blog is our soap box to share our (it’s not just me, I like to share!) news, upcoming BPIR features and events, general musings and to discuss the world of business performance. I invite both existing BPIR members and casual readers to share their opinions and comments with us, and let us know your stories, challenges and what you’d like to see on this blog.
    A warm welcome from myself and the BPIR team to the journey that is business excellence!

    The BPIR Team.

  2. Best practice, business excellence, business networking, benchmarking – first blog from BPIR.com

    October 23, 2008 by

    Welcome to our blog!  Its all related to our best practice information and networking resource, and of course, now and again, the often wacky thought-processes of your’s truly.

    We serve the general business community for benchmarking, business excellence (or Total Quality Management if you like), best practices, and general performance improvement:

    1. Research and collate practical techniques and benchmarks (performance experiences and organisation case studies) and a raft of other related information about how high-performing businesses achieve their results and or win awards.
    2. Provide a business network for members to make valuable contacts, get help from experts, and to collaborate on benchmarking projects and other initiatives that will help organisational, or personal, performance.  

    We’re planning to launch our Business Network over the next week or two.  Since hitting a milestone of 10,000 users (yeay!) we’ve been pushing hard to finish it and we believe it will be unique.  We searched high and low to find the right people to bolster our efforts and now all the ‘wee early hour’ finishes are about to be rewarded (so much for “Work Life Balance” – see our Mgt Brief on it). Its a huge task keeping our resource up to date and at the same time weeding out information that lacks real value.  But we do it.  Because that’s just the kind of guys we are…

    I intend to regularly update this blog and I'd like it to host news about new & upcoming BPIR features, our partner organisations, plans (not the secret world-domination ones of course), interesting feedback from users, and anything else that I might consider interesting and appropriate or interesting enough for the you to read.  I also hope this will become a platform where I can discover the opinions, needs, and interests of readers, mainly from users and the business community, so I hope we get plenty of comments posted back!  

    Of course depending on how the responses come in from readers this all may change!  We will launch sub-categories of this blog that focus on specific business topics – if you like, you can suggest some…  

    All for now

    The BPIR team

    PS.  Here's a link for first timers…