Best practice report: Mental Toughness

February 23, 2015 by Limited

Mental toughness is best measured through a self-assessment (see the example in the previous section). In this section, we provide ideas on how organisational resilience may be measured and evaluated. Examples of specific measures can be found on the web site.

1) Organisational Disruptions. Potential levels of risk and along with an organisation’s ability to restore services can be measured using the following model. (Note: The measures used are representative only: actual measures are dependent on the specific organisation being assessed.)


2) Loss of key infrastructure services. The length of time an organisation can continue to function after the loss of key infrastructure services might be measured as follows:

  • water supply x days, hours or minutes before restoration
  • sewage x hours before restoration
  • electricity x hours or minutes before restoration
  • gas x hours before restoration
  • phone networks (cell and landline) x hours before restoration
  • data networks x hours or minutes before restoration
  • road network x days before restoration
  • rail x days before restoration
  • airport x weeks or days before restoration
  • port x months or weeks before restoration
  • fuel x days or hours before restoration.

These measures could be used when drawing up emergency plans and making alternative arrangements. [27]