Best practice report: Mental Toughness

February 23, 2015 by Limited
This self-assessment is helpful for analysing characteristics of resilience when managing stressful situations, as well as associated strengths and weaknesses.Part 1:Life Situations that Improve Resilience (Answer the following statements either “Yes” or “No”.)

Count the number of times that you answered “Yes” out of 6.The more “Yes” scores, the greater your resilience. N.B.: A supportive environment in which you are important and belong will enhance your ability to handle difficult life events.

Part 2: Personal Traits that Improve Resilience

This section is designed to help understand the inner strengths and personality traits required to successfully manage difficult life situations. Tick the personal traits you find helpful when managing stressful situations.

N.B.: The items ticked a are your strengths. The more items ticked, the greater your resilience.

Recommendations for Improving Resilience

Most people point to several personality traits that assist them in times of trouble. These traits are strengths that give us support during distressing or difficult times: they help define what tools we have at our disposal. Resilience is not an innate characteristic. We can acquire and improve resilience through awareness and effort; by doing so, we can immeasurably improve our quality of life.

These self-assessments are abridged versions. The full version is available on the website.