10 Tips on Giving Feedback to Employees

November 16, 2010 by

Eileen Chodnick [1] principal of Big Cheese Coaching in Toronto provides the following tips for giving feedback to employees:

  • Before giving feedback, take time to change your mindset and put yourself into the learner's mode.
  • At the outset advise the employee of the purpose of your conversation, rather than catching him off-guard later on.  
  • Encourage two-way conversation and ask plenty of discovery type questions – be prepared to listen.
  • Be empathetic i.e. put yourself in his shoes. Even when carefully carried out constructive feedback can be difficult to receive.
  • Use positive acknowledgement concerning work that has been well done to counter balance the constructive feedback.
  • Explore collaboratively how the employee’s strengths could be used to overcome the challenges outlined by the feedback.
  • Be the employee’s  champion for improved performance, and demonstrate belief in his capacity to achieve.
  • Acknowledge the employee’s openness towards receiving feedback, and have an open door for further dialogue and support.
  • Be mindful of your words, tone and expression – these are as important as the intended message.
  • Make feedback part of an ongoing process and an expected part of a learning culture.

[1] R11024 Chadnick, E., (2010), Giving feedback that fuels success, Canadian HR Reporte, Vol 23, Iss 15, pp 19-20, Carswell Publishing

Neil Crawford

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