South African Quality Institutes latest news

SAQI monthly newsletter is an excellent source of information to keep up with the latest quality issues in South Africa. In this issue read about Process Management, Living Organizations Stay Alive, Using the Corporate Governance Framework, Best Practice: Incorporating Cultural Characteristics into The Excellence Model, and Quality in Schools

Philippine Society for Quality PSQ Nation Magazine

The Philippine Society for Quality is the national body that co-ordinates the Quality effort in the Philippine. PSQ Nation, the official digitial magazine of the Philippine Society for Quality, in this issue read about several topics such as: What it takes to be a quality champion, Continual productivity improvement in-spite resource constraints, Global assessment on the current state of organizational excellence, and many other articles.

The Passing of Professor Mohamed Zairi – A Leader in Benchmarking and Excellence

The last two years has caused unprecedented turmoil and sadness for many families. Over five million people have died due to Covid, and many more millions have had their health compromised or their livelihoods jeopardised. A huge loss for the benchmarking community has been the passing of Professor Mohamed Zairi after a spirited fight against Covid. Mohamed died aged 65 in October 2021. Mohamed has been a thought leader in the quality profession for over 35 years. His strength has been to have a broad-based view of quality and a deep understanding of current business trends and challenges from which he can prescribe relevant and often innovative quality-based solutions.

Publication of the 3rd Cycle of Dubai We Learn Book – 10 Benchmarking Case Studies

The book Achieving Performance Excellence Through Benchmarking and Organisational Learning is a joint publication by the Dubai Government Excellence Program and the Centre for Organisational Excellence Research (COER). The book describes 10 TRADE Best Practice Benchmarking projects that were undertaken as part of DGEP’s 3rd Cycle of Dubai We Learn.

Quality and Operational Research (QOR) Newsletter: August / September 2021

Quality and Operational Research (QOR) is an international quarterly publication. The objective of the QOR Newsletter is to publish current and high-quality articles and cover useful contents of interest to academics, researchers, and professionals in the business, government and non-profit sectors from all around the world. In August / September 2021 issue read about:proposal that the ISO 18404: 2015 Lean & Six Sigma international standard, High-level overview of the inaugural global research study that has captured the current state of excellence in organizations around the world, Practical approach to improve the human side of “leadership at every level” and the overall quality of leadership.

Training Course: 12 Days to Deming

The New Zealand Organisation for Quality (NZOQ) is delighted to introduce and offer you the active-learning course 12 Days to Deming. This material is ideal for both interested newcomers and for those who already have some background knowledge of what Dr. Deming taught and are keen to learn more. This free download has been developed and generously provided by Dr. Henry Neave.