1. Podcast: Total Quality Management: Is it still relevant in a digital economy?

    February 17, 2021 by BPIR.com Limited

    Originally posted on The Search for Clarity by Richard de Kock

    Total Quality Management has been around for many year’s and has contributed to the transformation of many companies to market leaders. Is it still relevant in a fast-paced digital world? Is it relevant for IT? And should senior leaders be taking it more seriously?

    Let’s get clarity from the quality guru himself John Oakland! Listed amongst the top 10 quality gurus of our time, who has personally met the likes of Edward Deming and Crosby to name a few.

    In this episode we explore

    1. Why Operational Excellence is a key strategic weapon in the digital age, and why Total Quality Management is as applicable to business and IT today as it was since the beginning of the century.
    2. discuss how a common frame of reference between leaders and operational staff as well as IT is key to ensuring organisational performance.
    3. And finally we also discuss a grounded pragmatic approach to starting your journey to Operational Excellence

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  2. Podcast: Benchmarking – An interview with Dr Robin Mann

    February 12, 2017 by BPIR.com Limited


    Listen to Dr Robin Mann, Head of the Centre of Organisational Excellence Research at Massey University, discussing one of the most powerful, yet greatly underused organisational improvement methods – best practice benchmarking. This was an interview by Michael Voss (CEO of Pyxis and MichaelVossNZ.com).

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    Topics covered were:

    • Tell us about what benchmarking is and why a business leader should pay attention to it?
    • Our listeners will know about benchmarks – and I am sure that many are comparing their performance measures with others in their industry, but will probably not have heard about best practice benchmarking. Can you briefly explain how these two are different?
    • I have noticed the term ‘best practice’ seems to have lost favour with many lately – everything today seems to be put forward as best practice. Do you think the term has lost its meaning?
    • There are many benchmarking processes on offer, what made you decide to develop the TRADE methodology?
    • I know that you have taken TRADE further than just Singapore where we used it to pilot the Jumpstart Benchmarking programme for the Civil Service College back in 2006. What impact has it made in Singapore and elsewhere?
    • What are the key things that a leader needs to know to run a successful benchmarking project in their organisation?
    • Tell us what made you set up the BPIR.com?
    • You have also set up the International Best Practice Competition. How does this work? And what types of organisations is it for?
    • There does not seem to be much appetite recently here in NZ for excellence or benchmarking other than in the local and central government sectors. Why do you think this is?

    For more information about TRADE and Best Practice Benchmarking go to COER.

  3. Podcast: What it takes to win a Business Excellence award

    February 18, 2015 by BPIR.com Limited

    PricewaterhouseCoopers Public Sector Practice has won a Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. It is the first services provider to win a Baldrige Award in 15 years.  PwC’s U.S. Public Sector practice leader, Scott McIntyre, joined Tom Temin on the federal news radio to explain what it takes to make it through the selection process.

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  4. Podcast: Innovation & Business Transformation at TATA Group

    January 22, 2015 by BPIR.com Limited

    Innovation and business transformation is the topic of discussion on this podcast from www.stitcher.com. Dr. Sunil Mithas of the University of Maryland talks about what companies can learn from the Tata Group’s ascension to becoming one of the world’s most well-known – and profitable – businesses in the world. Dr. Mithas has studied the Tata Group’s success in-depth for his just published book, Dancing Elephants and Leaping Jaguars: How to Excel, Innovate, and Transform Your Organization the Tata Way. On this podcast the Malcolm Baldridge framework is discussed for measuring innovation, why it’s important to have a long-term vision for innovation, and a number of different innovation competitions that Tata has set up to encourage innovation within its companies.