1. The 6th International ISO 31000 Risk Management Conference

    August 14, 2017 by ahmed

    The 6th International Conference on the ISO 31000 Risk Management Standard will be held in Dubai on 24-25 September 2017. One of the presenters will be BPIR.com’s long-time friend, Michael McLean from Australia.

    Michael’s paper abstract is shown in full below.


    Abstract: Update on the 2017 ISO “Integrated USE of Management System Standards” revised Handbook by
    Speaker: Michael W McLean, FAICD, FIMC CMC, FAOQ, Juran Medallist, Shilkin Prize, Australia.

    ISO TC 176/WG 26 Taskforce 5 Convener for Integrated Use of Management System Standards HB Revision
    ISO TC 176/SC2 Working Group 26 Member for ISO 10005 Quality Plans Guidelines Revision
    Ai Group Members’ Delegate to Standards Australia for:
    QR-008 Quality Committee ISO 9000/9001:2015, AS/NZS 9000/1:2016
    QR-008 Quality Committee WG Lead HB-139 ‘A process approach for integrating management systems’
    SAI Global Whitepaper Author for Embedding Risk-Based Thinking: ISO 9001 Set (Includes GB 200, GB 201, GB 202, and GB 203-17).

    The ISO The Integrated Use of Management System Standards (IUMSS) Handbook (HB) published in 2008, has undergone and extensive revision 2016 by an ISO Task Force with Michael McLean, Australia as the Convenor. The Draft HB is before international ISO JCTG and National Committee Members for Comment for the last meeting in London 11/2017.

    The revision was a Project proposed by Standards Australia to ISO Geneva, Switzerland.  It recognised that many things had changed for organizations and for ISO too, as all ISO Management System Standards have been revised and standardized. They all have discipline-specific introduction, general directions for use, terminologies, texts for clauses and requirements. These provide organizations the opportunity to build single and integrated management system documented information, that supports the Context of the Organization and more specifically, its Business Processes.

    The overarching problem faced by those seeking guidance from management system standards produced by ISO, was how to integrate such as ISO 9001, 14001, 22001, 27001, 50001, 55001, 45001.2:2017 MSS. It was also recognized ISO 10000 series guidelines, ISO 9004 and business excellence models, such as Dubai Quality Award, Baldrige USA, EFQM and Operational Excellence are in use along with non-ISO MSS.

    The 2017 IUMSS HB has taken the ISO Annex SL 9.1 as a construct and common requirement for all such based MSS Writers to enable organizations seeking certification to single or multiple standards to “integrate requirements within the organizations business processes”.

    The IUMSS 2017 HB has been developed with a Task Force meeting in six National Standard offices and Company Host cities in Argentina, Australia, Ireland, Switzerland, UK, USA. It included a baking and food ingredients factory tour, an ISO Communique of the revision progress and an international IUMSS Survey which has received over 100 responses and Conference Participants can still participate https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/2YPJHMD

    Over 15 international Case Studies from SMEs to larger multi-site businesses and uses a case study of “Jim the Baker” as the bakery grows and sustains the business with the benefits ISO and non-ISO MSS, provide guidance and if needed, requirements for conformance and certification.

    Organization management will see and hear of complementary approaches and ISO Handbook IUMSSS case studies that demonstrate how they can:

    • Plan, lead, and resource their Integrated Management System plan and transition for ISO and non-ISO MSS by the use of a multiple horizon implementation plan,
    • Support and evaluate their organization’s IMS performance across industry contexts,
    • Continually Improve their IMS and reduce MSS conformance costs by over 30%,
    • Build an integrated management system by the its business processes to suit the organizations context, their Lean/CI/Six Sigma process improvement programs and
    • Utilise ISO 31000 and ISO 31010 RM Guidelines and Techniques to build Risk Based Thinking in the organization as it meets it risks and opportunities.

  2. 1st ASQ Canada Conference – 25/26th September 2017

    May 26, 2017 by ahmed


    The first ASQ (American Society for Quality) Canada Conference will take place on September 25 & 26, 2017 in Ottawa at the Canada War Museum.The theme will be “A Confederation of Quality Professionals Working toward an Inclusive and Sustainable Canada”. It will focus on how we can work together to make a stronger and more resilient Canada by harnessing the knowledge, capability and talent of working Canadians.

    Some of the world’s leading experts and nations best professionals will share how organizations can use best management practices to create a culture committed to excellence and work collaboratively with others to create a high performing Canada.

    Keynote Speakers at the Conference

    Dawn Ringrose is Author of the Organizational Excellence Framework, a unique publication that integrates excellence models and provides implementation guidelines for the user. Her presentation will share the aggregate results of a current research project, the ‘First Global Assessment on the Current State of Organizational Excellence’, that was launched by the Organizational Excellence Technical Committee and endorsed by the Global Benchmarking Network and ISO TC 176.

    Dan Corbett is the former CEO of the National Quality Institute. His presentation will challenge that we are “back to the future” in Canada as other countries have developed and improved their national excellence models and expanded the elements to include services, the non-profit sectors and public sectors. He will speak about how these countries are moving ahead of Canada and leaving us once again in catch up mode.

    Dr. Ted Marra is author of ‘The Wisdom Chronicles: Competing to Win’. He will speak about ‘Laying the Foundation for the Global Competitiveness of a Nation – A Visionary Perspective’. After 40 years of dealing with ‘leadership’ across 38 countries plus reviewing what ‘better practice’ have been able to accomplish, Ted will share his vision of what is required to truly be the best – the most globally competitive nation.

    Art Daniels has 40 years’ experience in managing and developing institutions and human resources in the Canadian public service. As the Founder of the Institute for Citizen-Centered Service and advisor to national and international governments committed to reform, Art will share his experience with respect to ‘Putting Citizens First: Achieving Customer Focus and Lean Government’.

    JP Gladu is CEO of the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business. He will speak about moving non-Aboriginal and Aboriginal business toward sustainable partnerships and shared economic prosperity. He will share how growing a strong and diverse Aboriginal economy is essential to the Canadian economy and how this can be achieved.

    Dr. Robin Mann is Director of the Centre for Organizational Excellence Research and Chair of the Global Benchmarking Network. His presentation will share how benchmarking is a powerful method for breakthrough thinking, innovation and improvement and for delivering exceptional bottom-line results.

    Craig Dowden is Author of ‘The Science of Positive Leadership’ and will be speaking on ‘Civility Matters’. A respected thought leader, he has been popular across media outlets – Huffington Post (U.S.), Financial Post, Psychology Today, HR Professional, Canadian HR Reporter, Canadian Manager, Your Workplace, Canadian Government Executive, Institute of Professional Management, radio and television appearances.

    To register, please visit the website http://conference2017.asqottawa.ca


    ‘First Global Assessment on the Current State of Organizational Excellence’

    Interim results will be shared at the conference along with a special snapshot of Canada
    Leaders from organizations around the world are invited to participate in the 1st Global Assessment on the Current State of Organizational Excellence that was launched by the Organizational Excellence Technical Committee QMD ASQ (OETC) in 2015 and endorsed by the Global Benchmarking Network and ISO Technical Committee 176.

    The assessment tool is based on the Organizational Excellence Framework (OEF) that integrates leading excellence models and provides implementation guidelines for the practitioner (downloadable at no charge http://organizationalexcellencespecialists.ca)

    To participate in the global assessment, you have two choices:

    1. Teaser Assessment – takes 5 minutes, assesses culture of excellence and delivers a free feedback report to your inbox http://www.qlbs.com/QimonoVBA/assessment/OrgExFrameworkTeaser
    2. Full Assessment – takes 15 to 30 minutes depending on organization size, assesses culture of excellence and deployment of best management practices http://www.qlbs.com/QimonoVBA/Assessment/OrgExFramework

    Individual responses for both assessments will be strictly confidential. Only the aggregate data will be reported on the open OETC LinkedIn site https://www.linkedin.com/groups/4369749 so that respondents can benchmark their performance with others.
    This research is intended to provide benefit for all stakeholders:

    • Contribute to the OETC mandate “to support and promote the use of international excellence models and to help all organizations attain higher levels of performance”
    • Create awareness with leaders and managers about the principles and best management practices that are common to high performing organizations
    • Enable organizations to build on strengths and address opportunities for improvement
    • Provide a snapshot about the extent to which best management practices are deployed by organization size, industry sector and country

    This article has been provided by Dawn Ringrose, Organizational Excellence Specialists, OETC and GBN, Canada

  3. Winners of the 5th International Best Practice Competition

    April 28, 2017 by ahmed


    The 5th International Best Practice Competition was held at NMIMS University, Mumbai, India, 25/26th April 2017. The Best Practice Competition encourages organizations to share their best operational and managerial practices, processes, systems, and initiatives and learn from the experience of others. It provides an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of individuals and teams that have been responsible for creating and/or managing the introduction and deployment of best practices. The Best Practice Competition has been designed by the Centre for Organisational Excellence Research (COER), the developers of the Business Performance Improvement Resource. Presentation videos will be on the BPIR soon.

    Dr Vandana Shinde and Pushpalatha Ravi, Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited with judges

    Dr Vandana Shinde and Pushpalatha Ravi, Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited with judges


    • Employee Health Management System, Dr Vandana Shinde, Manager Medical Services & Pushpalatha Ravi, Sr Manager (Information Systems), Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (Mumbai Refinery), India

    Four runner-up

    • Application of the TRADE Benchmarking Methodology to improve the purchasing process, Ahmed Al Zarouni, Head Of Purchase Section, Rafeea E Aleghfeli, Head of Excellence Programs, Ali Eissa, Senior Purchase Officer, Hessa Al Ammadi, Head of Purchase Unit, Rahma Aal Ali, Head of Planning & Development Office, Dubai Municipality, United Arab Emirates
    • Visible leadership – A best practice in the application of the Tata Business Excellence Model, Sachin Garg, Head – Strategy & Business Excellence, Tata Housing Development Co Ltd, India
    • An initiative to raise People Happiness to world-class levels, Dr. Wafi Dawood, Chief of Strategy & Excellence & Kalthoom AlBalooshi, Executive Director of Education Development, Knowledge & Human Development Authority, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    • A novel way of conducting an antibiotic management/stewardship program, Jameela Alsalman, Geriatrician, Ministry of Health, Bahrain

  4. Winners of the 1st Organisation-Wide Innovation Award

    by ahmed


    The 1st Organisation-Wide Innovation Award was held at NMIMS University, Mumbai, India, 25/26th April 2017. This award recognises organisations that have embraced best practice learning and combined this learning with their own ideas and creativity to become highly innovative. The award recognises organisations that excel in inculcating an innovation culture throughout all facets of their operation from the leadership to employees and covering all stakeholders leading to innovative processes, products and services. The Organisation-wide Innovation Award has been designed by the Centre for Organisational Excellence Research (COER), the developers of the Business Performance Improvement Resource. Presentation videos will be on the BPIR soon.
    Manin Kaur, Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (left) and Siang Hock Kia, National Library Board (right) with judges

    Manin Kaur, Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (left) and Siang Hock Kia, National Library Board (right) with judges


    • NLB’s Organisation-wide innovation approach, Siang Hock Kia, Deputy Director, National Library Board, Singapore


    • MPA’s Organisation-wide innovation approach, Manin Kaur, Assistant Director, Organisational Excellence, Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore, Singapore

  5. World Class Best Practices Showcasing in Mumbai, India 25/26 April

    April 15, 2017 by ahmed


    The 40 qualifying best practices for the International Best Practice Competition from over 10 countries have been announced. Learn from their best practices on 25/26 April, Mumbai, India.

    Click here for the conference program.

    This is a unique opportunity to learn from international best practices and world-class Innovation (from applicants of the 1st Organisation-wide Innovation Award).

    The International Best Practice Competition will be held in Mumbai, India, 25/26th April 2017, courtesy of the BestPrax Club. Prime supporters of the competition are the Global Benchmarking Network, Asian Pacific Quality Organisation, Global Performance Excellence Award, and the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce.

    The Competition will be followed by a Certification Workshop on Benchmarking for Excellence and Innovation on 27th and 28th April 2017 delivered by Dr Mann, the founder of the TRADE benchmarking methodology. This certified training will enable organizations to harvest, document, and trade best practices; and proactively challenge the best practices to create innovative next practices. It is a must for individuals that wish to further their career and organisation’s success – benchmarking is a necessity for sustainable competitiveness and to meet the ever increasing demands of stakeholders.
    Register through the BestPrax Club at:
    http://bestprax.com/ibpc/register.aspx for the International Best Practice Competition
    http://bestprax.com/trade/register.aspx for the TRADE Benchmarking Training Course