Best practice report: Lean Thinking

May 26, 2014 by Limited

Summary of Best Practices

The following is a summary of best practices and/or insights that characterise lean thinking:

  1. Embrace lean thinking by engaging your whole enterprise in improvement through a planned approach that will ultimately enable everyone to participate.
  2. Plan a lean transformation for your organisation to bring about significant long-lasting changes by questioning all processes and systems, and being ready to change.
  3. Keep in mind the underlying lean philosophy of seeing everything through the eyes of your customers.
  4. Define value in lean terms by considering the end customer’s perspective for all products and services provided by your organisation. Remove all non-value-adding activities wherever possible.
  5. Identify and map value streams throughout your organisation.
  6. Use lean thinking to create processes in your organisation that are driven by and respond to customer demand or customer pull.
  7. Develop a strong culture of accountability to ensure everyone within your organisation works together to achieve a common outcome and fully understands the organisation’s mission and goals.
  8. Develop well-trained leaders that are equipped to cascade lean thinking and training to their staff. Ensure this includes change management training, as well as how to remove the fear of change.
  9. Gear your organisation for innovation by ensuring all employees understand the need to constantly improve processes and products, and reward teams and individuals that apply lean thinking.
  10. Remember lean applies to all work processes and job roles, whether in services or in manufacturing, or for shop floor workers or senior managers. Start by applying lean to yourself to ensure your time is well spent.
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