Small Business Breakthrough Survey – Benchmark Your Business

August 21, 2012 by admin
The Breakthrough Survey is the cornerstone of the Small Business Breakthrough Project. It has been designed to identify the specific steps that you can take to accelerate your company’s growth and make its success more predictable.The initial set of goals are to:

  • Identify the ROI (return on investment) associated with improving key aspects of a business as defined by the Baldrige Performance Excellence Framework:
  1. 1.    Leadership
  2. 2.    Strategic Planning
  3. 3.    Customer/Market Focus
  4. 4.    Measurement, Analysis and Knowledge Management
  5. 5.    Workforce Focus
  6. 6.    Operations Focus
  • Identify ways that best management practices (as defined by the Baldrige Performance Excellence Framework) can make business success more predictable. Specifically, we want to dramatically improve the success rate of smaller companies. Currently about 70% of businesses fail in their first seven years.
  • Identify an optimal path for an organization to adopt best-practices at four distinctive growth stages (inflection points) of development:
  1. 1.    Phase Zero: planning/startup
  2. 2.    Phase One: initial growth
  3. 3.    Phase Two: ebbing growth
  4. 4.    Phase Three: growth plateau

As a survey participant you will receive updates of the results of the research every time you return to re-benchmark your business.

 This survey was developed by Small Business Breakthrough Project