1. Does your organisation have best practices in one of the following 13 areas?

    February 25, 2016 by ahmed


    The Dubai Government Excellence Programme’s (DGEP) “Dubai We Learn” initiative consists of a range of organisational learning and benchmarking activities. The initiative aims to empower a culture of institutional learning and the transfer and exchange of knowledge within the government sector.

    One key part of the initiative is the undertaking of 13 benchmarking projects that are facilitated by the Centre of Organisational Excellence Research (COER), New Zealand. All 13 projects are using the TRADE Best Practice Benchmarking methodology with an expectation that most projects will be completed within a year (the projects began in October 2015). Currently most projects are starting the “Acquire best practices” stage of TRADE and searching for benchmarking partners and learning best practices.

    It is for this purpose we are inviting organisations with “good” to “best practices” in these 13 areas, Click this link, to contact us to explore if there is an opportunity for mutual learning. The respective government entity will be happy to share with you its own practices and the project work it has conducted so far. We would also be pleased to share with you best practices from other Dubai We Learn participants to thank you for your assistance.

    If you can help in our search for best practices, please send an email to Dr Robin Mann, Director – Centre for Organisational Excellence Research, r.s.mann@massey.ac.nz.

    For more information on “Dubai We Learn” read here.

  2. Best practice report: Employee Suggestion Schemes

    February 21, 2016 by ahmed


    The Definition

    An employee suggestion scheme-also known as an idea programme-is a mechanism used by organisations to harvest employee ideas with the objective of improving and growing their business.

    The Stage

    People are the only source of creativity, innovation and improvement, so harnessing their talents is vital to an organisation’s success and growth. A well-designed suggestion scheme can save money, and improve and streamline processes. A suggestion scheme can also help improve the working environment within an organisation. It can create a platform through which employees might be given the recognition and rewards they deserve.

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  3. Excellence across America: 25 High-Performing organizations honored in 2015

    February 17, 2016 by ahmed


    Originally posted on Blogrige by Christine Schaefer

    We often feature Baldrige Award recipients in blogs here because these national role models can provide inspiration and best practices for other organizations. Today I’m highlighting 25 additional U.S. organizations that have recently demonstrated high performance that may lead them to earn Baldrige Awards in the future.

    That is, 25 organizations received top-tier awards in 2015 from the state-level, sector-specific, or regional programs that are partners of the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program in cultivating and recognizing excellence in every sector of the U.S. economy.


    The network of programs known as the Alliance of Performance Excellence ensures that organizations throughout the country can receive training, assessments, and other services that meet them where they are (e.g., in earlier phases of using Baldrige improvement and assessment methods)—and often close to where they reside—to help them improve their performance using the Baldrige Excellence Framework.

    Organizations that have earned a top-tier award from an Alliance program have benefited from a rigorous examination process similar to that of the national Baldrige Program. This includes submitting an application in which the organization must describe how it addresses requirements in all seven categories of the Criteria for Performance Excellence (part of the Baldrige Excellence Framework booklets) and also report its related performance measures and results.

    The Baldrige Program applauds these organizations for their 2015 achievements and hopes to see all of them continue their quests for excellence and join the ranks of recipients of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. Already, the Charter School of San Diego (California) and MidwayUSA of Missouri followed up their 2015 state-level awards by applying for and earning national Baldrige Awards in 2015. In addition, Memorial Hermann Sugar Land Hospital of Texas achieved Category Best Practice recognition in the Baldrige Award process at the national level in 2015.

    Following—in alphabetical order by the state in which each award program is based—are the first 21 Alliance award recipients for 2015. (Note that Alliance programs that did not have any top-tier award recipients last year are not referenced here; however, information on all programs can be accessed from the Alliance link above.)

    2015 Alliance Top-Tier Award Recipients

    The Arkansas Institute for Performance Excellence honored an education organization with its 2015 Governor’s Award for Performance Excellence:

    • North Arkansas College (Harrison, AR)

    The California Council for Excellence honored an education organization and a small business, respectively, with its 2015 Gold Level Eureka Awards for Performance Excellence:

    • Charter School of San Diego (San Diego, CA)
    • Momentum Group (Irvine, CA)

    The Rocky Mountain Performance Excellence program (based in Colorado) honored three organizations (a small business, a health care organization, and a nonprofit organization, respectively) with its 2015 Peak Awards:

    • AlloSource (Centennial, CO)
    • Community Hospital (McCook, NE)
    • Donor Alliance, Inc. (Denver, CO)

    The Florida Sterling Council honored six organizations (one in education, two in government, two in health care, and one service business, respectively) with its 2015 Governor’s Sterling Awards:

    • Orange County Public Schools, Human Resources (Orlando, FL)
    • City of Tallahassee Underground Utilities (Tallahassee, FL)
    • Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections (Tampa, FL)
    • Cape Coral Hospital (Cape Coral, FL)
    • Florida Department of Health in St. Johns County (St. Augustine, FL)
    • Kids Central, Inc. (Ocala, FL)

    The Excellence in Missouri Foundation honored four organizations (two education organizations, a health care organization, and a small business, respectively) with its 2015 Vision of Performance Excellence Awards:

    • Park Hill School District (Park Hill, MO)
    • Special School District of St. Louis County (St. Louis, MO)
    • Jersey City Medical Center, Barnabas Health (Jersey City, NJ)
    • MidwayUSA (Columbia, MO)

    The Oklahoma Quality Foundation honored the following education organization with the 2015 Leadership in Excellence Award:

    • Metro Technology Centers (Oklahoma City, OK)

    The Tennessee Center for Performance Excellence honored a small business with its 2015 Excellence Award:

    • Pal’s Business Excellence Institute (Kingsport, TN)

    The Quality Texas Foundation honored three organizations (two in health care and one in education, respectively) with its 2015 top-tier awards:

    • Memorial Hermann Sugar Land Hospital (Sugar Land, TX)
    • Methodist Health System (Dallas, TX)
    • Palo Alto College (San Antonio, TX)

    Finally, the American Health Care Association/National Center for Assisted Living (AHCA/NCAL) honored these four long-term-care organizations with its 2015 Gold Awards:

    • Effingham County Care Center (Springfield, GA)
    • Highlands Lake Center (Lakeland, FL)
    • Pacific Coast Manor (Capitola, CA)
    • Skies Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center, LLC (Albuquerque, NM)

    Together with the Baldrige Award recipients, these Alliance honorees in multiple sectors and states are building better businesses and nonprofit, health care, and education organizations throughout America.

  4. Benchmark Memo: February-2016

    February 10, 2016 by ahmed
    Greetings to our members,
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    This month’s content includes:

    • Best Practice Events
    • BPIR News
    • Business Excellence Awards Winners Sharing Conference – A Must Attend Event, 10 February
    • Dubai Municipality Leading the Way in Government Initiatives
    • BPIR Tip of the Month – How to search ProQuest database in BPIR.com
    • Featured Publication: Engineering Management Journal & Analysis and Bank Director Magazine
    • Featured Case Study: Collaboration software helps protect knowledge

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    Neil Crawford BPIR.com

  5. BPIR Newsletter: February 2016

    February 9, 2016 by ahmed
    BPIR Newsletter: February 2016


    Welcome to February’s edition of the BPIR Newsletter. sharing with you best practices, improvement tools, and events.

    Best Practice Events

    BPIR News

    • Life-Changing Benchmarking: How Does Your Organization Compare?….read more
    • Business Development Sectors Failing to Use Employee Feedback to Drive Strategic Change….read more
    • Managing By Commitments – 5 Disruptive Practices To Improve Execution….read more
    • Identifying and Applying Best Practices for Government….read more
    • Four U.S. organizations honored with 2015 Baldrige National Quality Award….read more
    • How has Executive responsibility changed according to ISO 9001:2015?….read more
    • How Bad Design Wrecked Steve Harvey’s “Universe”….read more
    • Improve Financial Performance . . . Even When Losing….read more
    • Why You Should NOT Leave Your Job to Become an Entrepreneur….read more

    Dubai Municipality Leading the Way in Government Initiatives

    The Dubai Government Excellence Programme’s (DGEP) “Dubai We Learn” initiative consists of a range of organisational learning and benchmarking activities as described in a previous blog “Identifying and Applying Best Practices for Government”

    At the 2nd Progress Sharing Day held on 18 January 2016, 13 project teams from 13 government departments shared the progress of their benchmarking projects. To maximise the engagement and learning of the government entities the audience were invited to vote on which teams had made most progress.

    The team judged to have made most progress were from the Dubai Municipality with its project to “Improve Purchase Procedures and Channels”. Other government entities recognised for their progress were the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Service for its project on “Development of Emirati Paramedic Leaders” and Mohamed Bin Rashid Enterprise for Housing for its project on “Improving Customer Experience” particularly through using SMART applications. Regardless of the voting, all teams demonstrated an exceptional dedication to their projects.

    BPIR Tip of the Month – How to search ProQuest database in BPIR.com

    Do you know that there are more than 1 million articles in ProQuest database in BPIR.com? This is how to search and filter results in ProQuest database.

    Click here to see a video clip on how to do it.

    Featured Publications

    BPIR provides full access to over 170 excellent business publications providing, in total, over 1,000,000 articles and reports. The cost of subscribing to any of these would cover your BPIR membership while allowing you to read, search, and print from 790 top publications! Here are a few of the titles from the “Engineering” category (one of 23 categories):
    – Industrial Engineer
    – Manufacturing Engineering
    – The UMTRI Research Review
    – Equipment Leasing & Finance
    – Chemical Engineering Progress
    – Engineering Management Journal

    Collaboration software helps protect knowledge

    Knowledge is perhaps one of the most important assets that an organization possesses. Rather than attempting to capture and collate all of the information held by an organisation, collaboration tools have been developed that enable personnel to both interact with one another and to locate specific knowledge of interest. The Shaw Group needed to protect the knowledge held by its engineers and therefore turned to a proprietary web-based tool which provided access to more than 21,000 reference works that engineers could use to search for relevant data. The engineers were also able to use the system for sharing information locally and to collaborate with employees working in different geographic regions. The system ensured that everyone had access to the same information, and it enabled users to create their own personal knowledge management systems which could be saved for future reference both by themselves and by their colleagues.

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