1. 40 Lessons to Learn from Southwest

    August 30, 2011 by

    Southwest Airlines is the largest airline in the US, based on domestic passengers carried and one of the most profitable airline companies (at least in the US). On 18th June 2011 Southwest celebrated their 40th anniversary of being in business. To highlight its success Southwest Airlines published 40 lessons to learn in their in-flight magazine “Spirit”.

    The 40 lessons details many of the best practices that are often highlighted by business authors and consultants. In my opinion, the one thing that is clearly different is that Southwest Airlines does not just talk about these concepts, they apply them every day and every time.

    These lessons are universal and if you learn and apply them then you can be successful as well. So read the article and use it as checklist for  "how are we are doing".

    The 40 lessons are below and you can download the full article from here.

    Ahmed Abbas

    40 Lessons to Learn from Southwest Airlines 

    1. Keep the idea simple enough to draw on a napkin.

    2. A legend is an asset.

    3. Hire a good lawyer.

    4. Raise more money than you think you need. Now double it.

    5. Crazy is no liability.

    6. Find Executives who look like they walked off the set of "The Expendables".

    7. Target the overcharged and underserved.

    8. Be the good guy.

    9. Two strikes is one hit away from a home run.

    10. Recognize your luck.

    11. Lack of money makes you frugal.

    12. Gain talk equity.

    13. Promote from within.

    14. If the zeitgeist works for you, use it.

    15. Invent your own Culture and put a top person in charge of it.

    16. A Culture has its own language.

    17. The legal part is never over.

    18. Have a recognizable home.

    19. A crisis can contain the germ of a big idea.

    20. Simplicity has value.

    21. It doesn’t hurt to look like a toy.

    22. Remember your chief mission.

    23. Instead of whining, give a lollipop.

    24. It helps to have an extroverted Leader.

    25. Get into fun advertising wars.

    26. Take your business, not yourself, seriously.

    27. See your business as a cause.

    28. Put the worker first.

    29. Sweat the small stuff, but try not to lawyer it.

    30. Beware of imitators, but take them as a compliment.

    31. The Web ain’t cool, it’s a tool.

    32. Set and renew noble expectations.

    33. Increasing size should make you a force for good.

    34. Get green.

    35. It’s about Customer Service, not "scalability."

    36. Listen to advice, then celebrate it.

    37. Pick your peaks and stick to them.

    38. Manage permanence.

    39. Never rest on your laurels or you will get a thorn in your, um, butt.

    40. It’s OK to be unprofitable for a year.

  2. Benchmarking is the most popular improvement tool in 2011

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    Top 10 tools 2011
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    Recently, Bain & Company, a leading business management consultancy company, revealed the most popular 10 tools from its Management Tools and Trends Survey for 2011. This year the most popular tool to improve business performance was Benchmarking. Benchmarking has consistently been in the top 5 tools since 1993 and no. 1 tool since 2008.

    Being no. 1 since 2008 means that whilst the world economy was suffering from a global recession executives and businesses selected benchmarking as their tool to overcome recession symptoms.

    To conduct informal or formal benchmarking projects organisations need to rely on a source of information that is trustworthy and enables organisations to quickly learn from best practices.  We believe that the BPIR.com serves this need.  For any given process there are performance measures, benchmarks, best practices, self-assessment tools, expert opinions, articles, case studies and more available to guide you through any improvement project. Plus, if you want further information, new contacts, benchmarking partners or assistance then network with 1000's of other members – read their profiles, the improvement tools they use, their best practices and contact them. Why not visit our membership plans and start benchmarking today!

    To ensure your benchmarking projects are successful and breakthrough improvements are obtained why not get certified training on benchmarking? For information on certified training courses click here.

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  3. Facilitation … A Much Needed Skill

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    Facilitation can play an important role in ensuring efficient meetings or workshops are conducted. Some useful facilitation skills include planning agendas, processing notes and participation management. Workshop or meeting facilitation is the responsibility of a team leader, manager or expert who plays the role of a facilitator

    In July’s issue of Gulf Lead Consultant’s newsletter. Dr Tariq A. Aldowaisan and Eng. Elaf A. Ashkanani talk about facilitation as a skill and how to effectively conduct a successful workshop or meeting. They also highlight the latest and commonly accepted good practices of facilitation; and share their experience of the most important factors/drivers of workshop meeting success.

    You can download the full newsletter from here:

    GLC is BPIR’s partner in Kuwait.

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  4. South African Quality Institute


    South African Quality Institute (SAQI) is the national body that co-ordinates the Quality effort in South Africa. SAQI membership is open to all organisations and associates that are serious about quality.

    In 2004 SAQI, as an agency of the Department of Trade and Industry and a member of the Council of Trade and Industry Institutions (COTII) spent the next four years helping the DTI to establish and develop quality principles for small business and emerging entrepreneurs.

    In 1996 The Quality Edge was launched as the national monthly supplement on issues of Quality and its publication has continued to today.

    In the latest Quality Edge newsletter there are number of interesting articles such as the story of the winner of the Best Quality Product Award category in the South African Quality Award, the regular column by Dr Richard Hayward about quality in schools where he talk about the issue of school theft, Benchmarking Social Responsibility where Rochelle Zaid and Jeff Hollingdale made a comparison between ISO26000 & SA8000 and how the resources of SA8000 could help in implementing ISO26000.

    Click here to download the newsletter.

    Ahmed Abbas

  5. BPIR Newsletter – No.4 2011

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