1. Best Practice Report – Smart Services

    November 7, 2017 by ahmed

    Smart services can be important for both the private and public sectors. They enhance the ability of a service provider to understand the needs of its customers (or citizens, residents or visitors), design solutions to address those needs, and then deliver them effectively. Smart services include the use of innovative policies, business models, and technology to address service challenges. While the concept of smart services does not always include technology, the ability to use technology as an enabler to intelligently analyse huge amounts of information (information systems and networks) is key to delivering value to customers. The best organisations and governments usually have the advantage of proactive intimacy with their customers or residents. Governments around the world have taken seriously to building smart communities, smart cities, and smart nations in preparation for the fourth industrial revolution (or Industry 4.0). Organisations would be wise to invest in networks and technologies that help them compete in this new wave of providing smart services.

    This report outlines the best practices research undertaken by BPIR.com in the area of Smart Services. The best practices have been compiled under seven main headings. This new layout is designed to enable you to scan subjects that are of interest to you and your organisation, quickly assess their importance, and download relevant information for further study or to share with your colleagues.


    • What are “smart services”?
    • Which organisations have received recognition for excellence in smart services?
    • How have organisations reached high levels of success in smart services?
    • What research has been undertaken into smart services?
    • What tools and methods are used to achieve high levels of success in smart services?
    • How are smart services measured?
    • What do business leaders say about smart services?

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  2. Singapore Quality Award Winners 2017

    November 6, 2017 by ahmed


    Three organisations – two local food companies and a provider of utility services – win this year’s Business Excellence Awards for the first time. The other three winners are two government agencies and a local eco-friendly industrial packaging solutions provider.

    Singapore Quality Award (SQA)
    Defence Science and Technology Agency – introduction video clip
    Ministry of Manpower – introduction video clip
    Neo Group Limited (Catering) – introduction video clip
    Select Group Pte Ltd – introduction video clip
    SP Services Ltd – introduction video clip

    Innovation Excellence Award (IEA)
    Greenpac (S) Pte Ltd – introduction video clip

    First-time winners, Neo Group (Catering), Select Group and SP Services join the ranks of DSTA, MOM and Greenpac who are past recipients of various BE Awards. To date, there are 112 BE Award winners, who have attained superior performance and demonstrated commitment in harnessing innovation, developing people and delivering excellent service, since the inception of the BE initiative in 1994. The BE Awards are conferred by the Singapore Quality Award (SQA) Governing Council and administered by SPRING Singapore.

    A critical enabler to build capabilities and capture new market opportunities
    The BE framework was streamlined last year to keep pace with evolving management and technological trends. Organisations have to pursue the Singapore Quality Class (SQC) as a foundation before deepening niche capabilities in Innovation, People and Service. The refreshed framework serves to maintain its relevance and value as a holistic tool for organisations of different growth stages to establish strong business fundamentals and capitalise on new opportunities.

    The SQC certification is an endorsement of a company’s robust management capabilities and commitment to delivering value to its stakeholders. The unified branding under SQC serves as a trust mark of quality and excellence for Singapore-based organisations, boosting their competitiveness in domestic and global markets. To date, more than 1,800 organisations are on the BE journey.

    “In the face of a fast-changing global economic landscape, business excellence has become more crucial for organisations now than before. To help them navigate through these changes, the independent validation process that organisations go through using the BE framework provides them with an external perspective – enabling them to assess where they stand in relation to their local and overseas counterparts, and identify the gaps that need to be filled in order to achieve sustainable growth,” said Professor Cham Tao Soon, Chairman, SQA Governing Council.

    “The assurance of quality that BE provides of a business’ products and services, as well as soundness of its management practices are important for Singapore companies looking to seize growth opportunities locally and overseas. Organisations should leverage the BE initiative to fine-tune their management systems and develop capabilities to be better positioned to scale, grow and compete,” said Mr Poon Hong Yuen, Chief Executive, SPRING Singapore.

  3. Business Transformation and Operational Excellence World Summit

    November 5, 2017 by ahmed


    3 Fantastic Giveaways from Business Transformation & Operational Excellence Insights

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    • Daymond Cox, Ingersoll Rand: Transforming the Culture: Create a Lean and Continuous Improvement Culture in your Existing Business
    • Gary Peterson, O.C. Tanner: Empowering your Employees to Select their Own Improvement Projects that are Aligned with Strategy
    • Zac Jacobson, Ebay: Debunking Myths: How Operational Excellence Fosters Innovation and Agility
    • Joseph Spadaford, ComputerShare: Driving Change from Crisis Through Transformation
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    The Business Transformation & Operational Excellence World Summit & Industry Awards
    The Largest Scale, The Best THinkers, The Most Engaging Event.



  4. South African Quality Institutes latest news

    by ahmed

    South African Quality Institute (SAQI) http://www.saqi.co.za is the national body that co-ordinates the Quality effort in South Africa. Their monthly newsletter is an excellent source of information to keep up with the latest quality issues in South Africa.


    • Inclusive Quality of Education, by Paul Harding
    • Process Capability Risk Assessment – Are you prepared?, by Dr Alastair Walker
    • Excellence@Voith, by Izak van der Walt
    • SAQI Plant Tour 2017, by Jacques Snyders
    • Visual management vs Visual workplace, by Jacques Snyders
    • Opinion: Misconceptions of Lean tools, by Jacques Snyders
    • SAQI National Quality Week, by Paul Harding
    • Ignore Stakeholders at Your Peril, by Terrance M. Booysen
    • Quality of Large Group teaching in Mathematics, by Prof Ansie Harding
    • Quiet children can be outstandaing leaders, by Richard Hayward

    Click here to download this newsletter.








  5. EFQM Excellence Award winners 2017 and 14 new success stories

    November 4, 2017 by ahmed


    EFQM Award winners 2017

    In the pursuit for excellence 2017 was a very challenging year for many organisations around the world. Business excellence awards are the most prestigious awards any organisation can achieve, it recognises organisations which have demonstrated excellence in all areas of operation. Below are the EFQM business excellence award winners of 2017.

    • EFQM Excellence Award Winner
      • Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA)
      • Glasgow Housing Association
      • Robert Bosch GMBH
    • EFQM Global Excellence Prize Winner in Harnessing Creativity & Innovation
      • Bosch Car Multimedia Portugal
    • EFQM Global Excellence Prize Winner in Adding Value for Customers, Developing Organisational Capabilities & Leading with Vision, Inspiration & Integrity
      • Bosch Rodes Plant
    • EFQM Global Excellence Prize Winner in Leading With Vision, Inspiration & Integrity & Succeeding Through the Talent Of People
      • Geriatric Health Centres of the City of Graz (GGZ)
    • EFQM Global Excellence Prize Winner in Adding Value for Customers
      • Hospital Universitario Infanta Elena (HUIE)
      • Sanitas Hospitals
      • Tarsus Belediyes
    • EFQM Global Excellence Award Highly Commended
      • Mando Corporation Poland
      • West Lothian Council

    Download the full recognition book in PDF

    14 Success story of EFQM award winners
    Discover the success stories that made those organisations recognised at various EFQM levels of Excellence.